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February 9, 2005 ~ 7:37 pm

mood: energetic

I really do not know who this 'God' person is, but I do wonder what we have done to offend them so. There is this strange muggle religion thing (I wish I could remember the name) that started yesterday, and I suspect that by the time forty days are up, someone would have killed Zacharias. Who goes without sweets or desserts of any kind for forty days? He is such a melodramatic masochist.

Needless to say, I am very happy that I will be going home for a few days. Apparently there has been a death in the family (my great uncle, very silly man) and I shall have to attend his funeral. I barely knew him, and Elke never met him, so we are treating it more of a holiday than anything else. Of course, I will have so much homework and assignments to catch up on, but really, a holiday is important.

Aura and I had a wonderful time at Hogsmeade. It was fantastic to talk about girly things and not have to worry about some people's bigoted opinions. I do wish they would grow up and learn that some things are not what they seem. In fact, I really cannot see how anyone could have misinterpreted the situation. Ah well.

I should really go back to my Care homework. I have been neglecting it in favour for the researching that we have been doing -- did you know that there are seventeen wards laid around the castle? They are like an onion!

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February 5, 2005 ~ 8:29 am

mood: giggly

I really do not know what Zacharias was so snitty about. After all, it is not as if Jules and I were doing anything improper. We were merely researching and practicing some poetry reading. You make it sound quite sordid, when really, we were only studying a famous poet. However, I shall say nothing more of it, but that Jules is really a very interesting person, if a little Quidditch mad. However, I am told that I am very much the same, so it works out quite well. However, as for my ultimate plan, that will take more work. The hard part will be convincing people that what I have done is for their own benefit. After all, they were being very silly about it all. I do hope that they realise it in time, it will be quite annoying otherwise.

I do, however, quite dislike school at the moment. It has taken a turn for the depressing, where we have to do far too many assignments for my liking. Whyever would I want to write something on involuntary transfiguration (and why they are bad)? That sounds silly. It is obvious that they are bad if you are the person being transfigured. And if you are the one doing the transforming, then I am sure that you have a reason to do it.

The research is coming along nicely. I wish I knew whose handwriting was which, as there is someone who is making some very startling discoveries. I wish I knew who it was, though. However, I can never recognise handwriting -- sometimes I cannot recognise my own!

But, today, I think I shall enjoy Hogsmeade and after that, blow up a cauldron, for old times sake.

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January 28, 2005 ~ 2:11 pm

mood: frustrated

I heard that there is a Quidditch match tomorrow. I have no idea how I have heard this, after all, I have only been reminded seventeen times to record the entire thing. Sometimes, people are really silly, although I suppose I could always use the time to compose my articles. I have been tempted to write one ever since Rita went back to her old time, but have been too close to the people who have done interesting things. While it may be the truth, I do not think they would appreciate it being written. People can be really strange, sometimes. I know that I would not do anything that I am ashamed of, why should someone else. Really, it is very silly.

While Draco may be a sexist pig who should have his testicles removed (Pansy, I hear there are spells for all sorts of things if necessary), I rather hope that Slytherin wins instead of Ravenclaw. After all, if Slytherin win, and then we win when we play them...we might make the final again. However, if Ravenclaw win, it will be a final between them and someone else, and while the Ravenclaws are generally nice people, I would much rather it be me that plays. That, and Dear Entie does not deserve to win, as he is a horrible person.

The research that Ernie and I have been doing has expanded somewhat. Well, I think it has. We have all been using the same book, and I recognise my handwriting, and the impeccably neat one has to be Ernie's, but there are about three other types that I do not recognise. I suppose I will find out soon enough who else is involved.

But firstly, to the Muggle Studies assignment. I seem to have left it to the last minute, and while I do like their music, I really do not want to analyse it in regards to their society. I would much rather just play it. However, we do not get a choice in such things, so I should go back to listening to it.

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January 19, 2005 ~ 2:42 pm

mood: contemplative

Oh, Merlin. It has certainly been interesting here at the moment. I have learnt a great many things, including that ligo (is that right?) is very painful when you step on it. It also will explode if you have too many charms on it.

Professor Sprout was not amused. I was, but not at Justin's robot and it exploding. I have never seen two young men look so much like six year olds being told off. They even scuffed their feet and muttered their apologies to the ground. It was very silly.

Of course, Professor Sprout is not very happy with me either. I had to know what had happened last Monday in regards to Harry and Zacharias, and now I know. I must say that those two really should stop fighting with one another. While boys will be boys, those two should know that sometimes things should not be fought over. Unfortunately, in finding out what had happened, I had to give Zacharias a mild truth potion. I am not sure what other potions he is taking, however I think mine reacted with one of his, as normally people are not quite so giggly under it. However, I think he is fine now. However, I could not find out why they had fought. When I asked that, Zacharias managed to fight off the potion and refused to speak. It was very strange. I wonder why...? Maybe it was just really silly and he was too embarrassed?

Have I mentioned how much I love Care of Magical Creatures? I got to see the most wonderful creature! I forget what it is called, however, it flung its excretement at dear Entie! It was really funny, as it was on fire, and he screamed like a little girl.

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January 9, 2005 ~ 6:00 am

mood: content

Reading cards was a lot of fun, actually! I did not expect it to be as fun as it was, especially with everyone in the same room, as they have all been fighting a lot. However, they did all come in together, and with the exception of Zacharias (because he just has to be contrary, it seems), I read everyone's cards. Of course, they were not as accurate as they could have been, but really, who wants to be entirely accurate? Where would the fun be in that?

It is about time we had a little fun. Susan received a letter yesterday that made her very angry, that girl posted, Lim died -- we really needed to have some fun and come together as a house. And now we have, so all is well.

Having seen the amount of fun that a kitten is, I almost wish I could look after one. However, I am not very good with pets. Maybe I could just help Hannah out with looking after hers? After all, kittens are curious creatures, and it would be tragic to see her kitten go the same way as her...many toads. Many, many toads. In fact, I forget how many there has been.

Ernie? I found the prophecy! It is not very long, though, and I think some of it has gone missing. In fact, I am sure that some of it has gone missing. All it says is that the three schools must fall and that the secrets to victory are in the past. However, I am sure that there is more to this than just that, so while we can definitely start looking in history books and the like now, I am also going to start looking at Divination books to see if I can find a way to complete a prophecy when we only have a fragment. Or maybe it is contained in a history book!

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December 31, 2004 ~ 6:49 am

mood: hyper

Oooh, the gossip session went really, really well! I had no idea that so many people would have turned up! I suppose with the holidays being so dismal with people disappearing and the like, that people want to be happy for a time. And how could you not be happy with gossip, chocolate and little kittens?

None of the Ravenclaws came, though. I suppose they're planning something for getting back their housemate, I just wish I knew what. I could report about it, and become a renowned journalist! Or not, but I can dream, no? They are probably just getting in some late minute readings before going back to school. I would, but I have not read anything remotely like schoolwork all holidays, and I do not want to ruin a good thing now.

I have had a lot of chocolate. I think if I have any more, it will make me sick.

Unfortunately, Father has informed me that I am to clean up the house, because it really is a mess. So, I have sent the House Elves we borrowed from Tante Christine to go and clean it up. I know, that is not what they were for, they were just for the Christmas dinner, but if they are here, why not use them?

look beyond the rainbow


December 25, 2004 ~ 1:49 pm

mood: happy

Christmas was very strange this year. I dare say that for Father it is no stranger than it was the last two years, however Elke and I had stayed at Hogwarts for the last Christmas, and now I realise just how lonely he is. Normally Mother would have decorated the Christmas tree yesterday while I made sure that Elke did not have a look. We are not supposed to see the tree before it is fully decorated, it is bad luck.

Instead, Elke was left with her school books while I helped Father with the tree. It is very strange, being on this side, and helping out. Not sad or tragic, merely strange and unusual. I really had very little idea of what happened, and it seems like something has changed. It is not sad, merely strange. However, most things stayed the same, with suckling pig, white sausages and macaroni salads being served yesterday. I have taken a few moments away from supervising the House elves making the Christmas banquet. They do a wonderful job with roasting the goose, however, the Dresden Stollen is always far too dry if someone is not watching them. Elke is far too distractable and Father is experimenting with a new matrix he has worked out for his potion and would be far too busy to do so.

Aurelie came over on Wednesday, and after showing her the house, we spoke of a great many things, most of which are rather inappropriate to talk about here. Although, I must say that the article that came out on Thursday was very interesting to read, and when I leave school, I would love to be able to write like that.

However, some things have changed and come to an end, and some things shall endure. For something that was only supposed to be fleeting, it lasted and endured far longer than I thought it would, even if the last two months have been spent fighting with each other. I am sad that it is over, but not that it happened at all.

However, that is more than enough sulking from me, after all, it is Christmas! I spent most of this morning apparating all over Europe, delivering presents, and when I finally returned home, it seemed that I had missed seeing people who were doing much the same to me! I am very sorry to everyone, and shall write up thank you letters shortly. Thank you, everyone, and I shall cherish the scarves, books, dragons (they really are misunderstood creatures), teas and other assorted things that I have not had time to open yet (I have been really busy, and it is not that I do not care!).

Merry Christmas!

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December 19, 2004 ~ 3:19 pm

mood: numb

I have been helping my father around the house. He is such a dear, really, but he is not very good with the household chores and it shows. It is really very sad that Elke is not old enough to do them, then I could share the tasks around. However, I have sent her to clean her room, and I think that should keep her occupied for some time. It really is a big mess.

Although, I have decided not to use magic. They take much longer to do if you do them by hand and they keep you occupied. Or they keep me occupied, because they really are very strange and difficult to do. And I will not apologise, because I was completely right. So I will do these chores, to keep myself occupied.

However, Rita did send me a list of instructions before she went back home. It is really sad that she had to go, although we know that she must. But, the list is very, very interesting. It looks to be instructions to find all of her notebooks bar two (she made it very clear on that, although I do not know to whom she mailed two to) and it looks very exciting. After I finish this, I might go and see if I can work out where some of them are here. Maybe Elke could help me with it, as she has been in the castle just as long as I have.

It really is very strange, the difference between inside the castle and outside. Inside the castle, it is much happier than outside. I like it happier, though, as the grimness just reminds me of Things, and I do not wish to be reminded of Things. Durmstrang is gone, and moping around after it will not bring it back.

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December 11, 2004 ~ 12:32 pm

Ooh, everyone here is being so stupid. Whyever should they tell nosey people what they do in their study sessions? Why should it affect anyone but them?

Of course, if they are ashamed of it, then they are silly too. But really, everyone is being so childish about it! Why does it matter if Ernie kissed Hannah, or Hannah kissed Ernie, or that they kissed each other? Although the next person who interrogates little Elke will be hexed. She is only a little girl, and I will not stand to see her in tears because of some inconsiderate oaf.

However, enough has been said on that topic already. I just wanted to have my say, given that Zacharias has already had his (if one could call that rant a say) and that he is so in the wrong anyway. But really, back to the important things!

I found my clarinet again, and it would seem that I have not forgotten the fingerings. However, I am nowhere near as fast or as expressive as I used to be on it, and that is something that I must work on. However, in the meantime, I shall blame my reed. Everyone knows that a bad reed will make you sound awful. It is just common sense. Although, I have taken to practicing by myself, because I sound really awful.

My father has called both Elke and I home for Christmas, not that I mind of course. I would not miss our Christmas celebrations for the world! Susan is going to be staying in her uncle's old house, and I really do not want to go. After all, spirits linger sometimes, and while I like Susan, I do not think her parents like me a great deal. I especially do not want to meet her dead relations, because that would be scary.

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December 1, 2004 ~ 7:51 am

mood: curious

I have been doing some reading. It makes my head hurt, and it is even written in German. I really do not understand how people can understand this sort of thing, and not just understand it, but relish it. So far I have been working my way though with drawings. Many, many drawings. In fact, I have used more parchment in drawings than what was used to write the text! It is very strange, how that works out. I wonder why that is...

Quidditch practices have been cancelled. There is the smell of snow in the air, and with only two weeks to go until the holidays, I suppose there really is not a lot of point in practising. We can resume practices in January, and not have to worry about training anyone else for the role. Hopefully the cold will be out of the air by then. However, it will be nice not to have to get up early in the cold. I really don't know how everyone else does it. Thank goodness for warming spells, that is all I am going to say. I cannot imagine how muggles do it.

The roof has been repaired. You never know how important things like the roof are until they are gone. Although, it was very amusing to see Hannah's reaction when she found out that the roof had been repaired. "The roof was down?" Well, I thought it was funny, anyway. I think you had to have been there to understand what I am talking about. Or understand how Hannah is.

Rita's article was quite interesting, I thought. Admittedly, I knew most of it already, however some of the things I did know now. I now have so many new plans now.

Finally, Ankaa has decided that while hide and seek is fun, playing pounce is fun as well. It is rather cute when she does it while hiding. The first you know of it is when this bundle of fur suddenly attaches itself to your ankle. While she has done it to just about everyone, she tends to do it more to the boys. It is really most adorable and if I only had my camera at the time, then I could take a picture of it and show you. Susan took her up to see Zacharias today, and she came back tired but satisfied. I wonder what happened...?

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